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Overcoming Obstacles

25 December 2020 – Author: Christopher Hansard

Every minute  of every day, somewhere in the world someone is overcoming an obstacle or is overwhelmed by obstacles.

You may be going through a challenging situation right now that has become an obstacle to your happiness, wellbeing, health or financial security.

The way you deal with an obstacle determines how you can solve it and whether it may return in some other form in your life. 

If you are in a situation like this I want you to stop and consider how you react emotionally to the obstacle. Do you think it defines who you are and how you live?

If you have a lot of small obstacles that seem to be getting on top of you or one major obstacle, the process of how you can change your situation depends on how you relate to it. 

Your state of mind influences how you can understand the situation and how you can change it.

Obstacles are made harder by your emotional reactions.

Do you feel in state of panic, or anxiety?

Do you feel isolated and alone because of it?

If you can step back from the obstacle in your life, you can start the process of successfully reducing its impact on you. This then helps you to discover why and how the obstacle came in to being and what you can learn from it. 

By doing this, you start the first important step in changing it.

In managing and removing an obstacle or obstacles from your life, you need to understand that you may require help from other people as you attempt to improve your circumstances. You have the ability within you to change your situation.

The greatest tool available to you is the focused application of your mind.

Overcoming obstacles starts with awakening your inner power and applying your mind in a new way. Often people try to remove obstacles in the wrong way, by not understanding the history of how and why the obstacle first came into being.

It is easy to pour a lot of unhelpful thoughts and negative thinking into an obstacle, but this only makes it stronger. 

I suggest that you try to understand how the obstacle makes you feel.

Are you frustrated, angry or exhausted because of it?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the obstacle?

Do you feel that no matter what you do to change it nothing happens for the better?

All of these feelings come from the simple fact that you are caught up in the obstacle and it is directing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The first step in overcoming obstacles starts with understanding that by changing the way you view it and creating a structure emotionally and mentally that can change it, you are better equipped to remove it from your life. 

This helps you to stop giving your emotional energy to the obstacle, you stop identifying with it and remove patterns that make it more attached to you.

Do you have a major obstacle or a number of small ones that are overwhelming you right now?

Are you still affected by an obstacles that happened months or years ago but which you could not resolve ? 

Are you tired and fed up with ongoing problems caused by this obstacle?

If any of these apply to you, then you will find my 28 day course, The Twenty Eight Day Removal of Obstacles, a helpful tool. 

The course presents the essence of the Tibetan Dur Bön teachings on removing obstacles. You can get it as an ebook, or as an in-depth online video and text course. 

If you want personal help you can purchase an intensive 1 to 1 coaching course with me over the 28 days of the course.

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Christopher Hansard is a best selling author, online psychotherapist and the leading western practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Christopher has been a key note speaker at conferences and has led seminars and workshops around the world. He has twice spoken at the Oxford Union about Social Change and Mental Health. He runs a busy International online practice offering Online Psychotherapy and Tibetan Medicine.

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