Make your life a better place

Don’t just put up with the bad stuff. Start living the life you want.

We all need to give our thoughts time and space to breathe.

Heal, rest, laugh and rejuvenate our souls.

To gather self-knowledge as we reveal our unique spirituality and understand the true meaning of friendship, love and relationships.

Every one of us needs to know where we stand to thrive – whether surrounded by nature or stuck in the office. Because it’s by taking better care of our wellbeing that we discover the art of living – not merely existing. We’re able to overcome challenges, while embracing opportunities. And find our inner resilience for whatever life has in store.

In my career over the last thirty years as a psychotherapist and physician of Tibetan Dur Bön medicine, my patients and clients have all mainly desired one thing: freedom from pain and suffering.

In this fast-paced and uncertain world, we must ask ourselves – where are we heading and what is our life really about?

But life is never static. For each individual, it’s often complex and multi-dimensional experience, and therefore requires a multi-faceted approach when it comes to therapeutic treatment. I found that by combining the best of Western psychological methods together with the practical wisdom of Tibetan medical, nutritional and emotional healing approaches, my clients benefitted quickly and experienced lasting improvement. Along the way, they developed new skills for a life they could enjoy – on their own terms.


'I always thought that by slowing down was impossible and my life would fall apart - its true what you said - slowing down emotionally helps you do more!. Thank you.'

- NM, Paris