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Christopher Hansard

Physician of Tibetan Dur Bön Medicine and online psychotherapist

My path to becoming a psychotherapist and Tibetan Dur Bön practitioner began in childhood. From the age of four, while growing up in New Zealand, I was trained in this ancient form of medicine, emotional healing and lifestyle practices - a system which existed for millennia before Buddhism.

The basic principles of Bön centre on taking a natural, integrated approach to treating imbalances in the mind, body and spirit.

It's been a lifetime's journey for me to get to where I am today. Where I've joined established methods of modern psychotherapy together with ancient Bön medical traditions, mental exercises, treatments and meditations.

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Attract, enhance, heal or end any type of relationship in 14 days

Relationships underpin every aspect of our lives. They are the fundamental reason we're here. They influence the choices we make: leading us down dark and challenging paths or helping us reach new heights of love, happiness and satisfaction. Learn how to attract a potential partner. Enhance or strengthen what you already have. Or finish a relationship that isn't working and create a fresh start.

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18-Day Online Course

Difficult People

How to Remove Difficult People from your Life in 18 Days

It might be a person at work or college. Friends, family members, or someone you're having a romantic relationship with. Many of us encounter difficult people at some point in our lives. Whether they're draining your mental and emotional energy, or going out of their way to control and destroy you, I can help you learn methods for taking that individual (or group) harmlessly out of your life.

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'When I see Christopher Hansard I feel safe and understood. I recommend him to anyone needing help to change their lives.'

- FS, London

I've helped transform thousands of lives around the world for the happier and healthier.

Are you ready to positively rebuild your life?

Discover positive, lasting ways to get your life back on track.

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My best-selling books have shown that taking this holistic approach using Tibetan medicine can help with many health and wellbeing concerns - often where traditional medicine alone has failed.

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  • “…profound level of treatment…”

    'His fans talk of the "profound level of treatment" he offers and his encouragement to patients to look after and heal themselves.'


  • “…possess a profound conviction that the prognosis is good…”

    'This man certainly practises what he preaches. If recent events illustrate the creeping sickness pervading our world, perhaps he is among the few who not only have a rare insight into reversing the decline but possess a profound conviction that the prognosis is good. '

    –Jenni Ameghino, The Birmingham Post

  • “…life's true teachers…”

    'Christopher is one of life's true teachers. Christopher is a true genius who can lead us to a new enlightenment as well as a state of vibrant health.'

    –Normandie Keith, You Magazine, Mail on Sunday

  • “…this was my chance to do something about it-to gain rather than lose…”

    'Christopher unblocked the pain of the rape which I'd buried along with a lifetime of lesser unresolved hurts. I began to see that my life had somehow got out of balance, that I was frightened of my own emotions, that something inside had become disconnected and this was my chance to do something about it-to gain rather than lose from a terrible act of violation.'

    –Fliss Coombs, The Daily Telegraph

  • “…gentle, holistic approach…”

    'Now, don't all rush. Hansard's gentle, holistic approach might just be the ticket.'

    –Rose Shepherd, The Sunday Times Magazine

  • “…professional with a spiritual edge…”

    'I was looking to build a more balanced life. I wanted something professional with a spiritual edge.'

    –Douglas Brown, The Financial Times

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