Relationships eBook Course

Attract, enhance, heal or end relationships of all kinds - a 14 Day eBook Course

Relationships underpin every aspect of our lives. They are the fundamental reason we’re here. They influence the choices we make: leading us down dark and challenging paths or helping us reach new heights of love, happiness and satisfaction.

Maybe you’re hoping to attract a potential partner in the business or romantic sense. Enhance or strengthen what you already have. Perhaps finish a relationship that isn’t working and create a fresh start. This is where, as a Master practitioner of Tibetan Dur Bön, I have taken this ancient pre-Buddhist system and applied its teachings and healing power to my two-week course.

Through harnessing complex expressions of thoughts, beliefs and emotions, we can achieve a deep and lasting connections with others. 

The unique Bön calendar believes certain days of the week and times work best for performing different exercises. After answering some questions to help clarify what you want to happen with your chosen relationship, you then repeat daily mental exercises, complemented by inspiring and motivating Thoughts for the Day.

On completing the course, you’ll be rewarded not only with a positive outcome to your particular relationship issue – but any future interactions with people generally should also become easier and more meaningful. At the same time, you won’t be overwhelmed by your feelings thanks to new-found mental clarity, wisdom and emotional resilience.

  • Improve your situations and change your circumstances for the better
  • Learn how to channel and direct your focus towards achieving your relationship goal
  • Embrace past as well as present relationships, taking the best from them to help guide  your next course of action
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