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It was through my wide exposure to people's needs, regardless of their status, that I developed my unique approach using Tibetan medicine and western psychotherapy. From this I wrote three internationally acclaimed books about Tibetan medicine, lifestyle and spirituality which were published in sixteen languages, along with many English versions.

My best-selling books have shown that taking this holistic approach using Tibetan medicine can help with many health and wellbeing concerns – often where traditional medicine alone has failed. Over the past 30 years, I've treated hundreds of clients from all over the world. Taking them on their own personal exploration of the complex and often dark cycles in their lives. Equipping them with the psychological tools they need to embrace a happier, more fulfilled existence, free from pain and suffering.

Imagine Bön as a recipe for making the life you really want: perfectly balanced and spiritually satisfying, without the negative, unhealthy thought patterns that weigh you down. You'll soon grow your inner energy and mental strength to overcome obstacles – by changing the way you think, feel and believe.