Removal of Obstacles

Remove obstacles from your life in 28 days

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Removal of Obstacles


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A powerful and effective online course of meditational exercises which will enable you to remove stubborn obstacles from your life. Whatever is holding you back or preventing you from achieving what you hope for can be discarded, using the ancient healing power of Bön.

Although based on an ancient philosophy, the technique is simple and is open to all.

In this online course you will be guided by indepth  daily videos and detailed text over the 28 days of the course, to help you successfully remove an obstacle or obstacles from your life forever. You will become stronger and more focused having learnt how to create and direct the life you want.

The obstacle that challenges you could be financial security, a legal dispute, or work-related problems. Relationship dilemmas or important health issues. Whether it’s one big obstacle that comes from out of the blue, or lots of little, frustrating ones taking up your time and attention. I’ve put together a twenty-eight day course to teach you how to destroy whatever obstacles you’re experiencing.

Turn your life around forever, in under a month

Based on traditional Tibetan exercises and the ancient pre-Buddhist calendar system – this powerful, in-depth guide is as relevant today as when it was first created. You learn how to focus physical, mental and emotional energies in very specific ways on different days of the week. Then as the way ahead clears, you arrive at a much better place.

  • Let go of the blocks that hold you back
  • Train your mind to how to use and apply skilful thought energy
  • Increase mental strength and learn resilience towards the effects of the obstacles in your life
  • Take charge of how you think and react to everyday events and activities
  • Be open to accepting positive new opportunities
  • Find happiness and joy regardless of your circumstances
  • Put plans into action as the obstacle loses its influence and power over you

How is the Course Organised?

75 lessons, 32 modules, 46 videos.

The course starts with 15 brief introductory videos and lessons highlighting important but easy to understand concepts. Each of the 28 days is organised with a video for the day, thought for the day and exercise for the day, which will successfully remove obstacles from your life There are three 'after the course' videos to complete your course.

Why 28 Days?

In order to generate permanent change, it is necessary to work in cycles that are known to build energy and mental focus. This course needs to be carried out for twenty-eight successive days in order to effectively remove patterns of negative thinking and replace them with successful thought patterns.

This may seem like a long time, but it will more than repay the time each day you  have invested. The cycle of twenty-eight days enables your body, your mind and your life to reset the changes you have initiated and to integrate and empower your desire for change. You need change to last when removing obstacles, if they are not to return. 

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Removal of Obstacles

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When you purchase this coaching package, the 28 Days Removal of Obstacles, you purchase 12 hours of coaching, either as  6 two hour sessions or 12 one hour sessions. This includes the cost of the coaching fees at £GBP 80.00 per hour and the ebook course that you and I will use as the basis of the coaching.

My role as coach is to help you deal with challenges that might come up while you doing the course and help you create a smooth and successful outcome. By us working 1 to 1 via confidential video link my coaching will enable you to use the course successfully. You can have coaching sessions from your home or anywhere else using my secure video link making the coaching convenient and at a time to suit you.