Best Selling Books  by Christopher Hansard

The Tibetan Art of Living

Tibetan Bön medicine is one of the world's most vital, sophisticated systems of healing - an ancient, detailed approach that aims to unite the mind, body, and spirit to restore a dynamic balance and create patterns of health. In The Tibetan Art of Living, Christopher Hansard - the leading Western practitioner of Tibetan medicine - introduces you to Bön's uniquely empowering worldview, and guides you to a new and enlightened level of discovery. His is the first book to reveal how to apply the wisdom and principles of Tibetan medicine to daily life.

The Tibetan Art of Living provides clear and practical techniques and advice that will lead to:

  • A greater knowledge of yourself
  • An understanding of the origins and causes of illness, and how we all hold illness in our bodies as well as in our minds
  • The awareness that we are our own best healers
  • A life of physical, emotional, and spiritual health

From dietary guidelines, massage, and rejuvenation techniques to mind-strengthening skills, soul medicine, and herbal remedies for common ailments, Hansard presents many simple ways of inviting Tibetan Bön wisdom and spirituality into everyday life.

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'THE TIBETAN ART OF LIVING is an exceptional and essential book for everyone's library. It's absolutely brilliant.'
Carolyn Myss, author of ANATOMY OF SPIRIT


The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking

Tibetan Bön medicine is one of the world's oldest and most sophisticated systems of healing. In The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking, Christopher Hansard draws upon the practices and principles of Dur Bön, along with his own knowledge of Tibetan teachings, to offer a series of simple, soulful meditations and exercises that can help you achieve spiritual, emotional, interpersonal, and professional success. You'll learn how to:

  • connect to the energy of positive thought - one of the most powerful energy resources
  • trust your inner wisdom and make decisions with greater ease
  • confront your fears, accept disappointment, maintain hope
  • enhance your relationships by giving unconditional love and helping others

...and much more. You are what you think - and with this book as your guide, you can direct yourself toward greater freedom, meaning, and lifelong happiness.

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'As life becomes more hectic, it's important to stop and think about the way we are living. Christopher's book is the best possible starting point.'
Kathy Phillips, Vogue


The Tibetan Art of Serenity

In the ancient Tibetan Bon tradition, the secret of serene, successful living is to have no fear. But in our demanding society, where stress is the norm, fearfulness can become a way of life. In this inspiring book, leading Tibetan Bon practitioner Christopher Hansard explains the 'twelve types of fear' believed by traditional teaching to affect our lives. He shares with us age-old techniques for facing and overcoming these fears, and shows how without them we can better connect with our deepest selves, transform relationships and find increased peace, humour and confidence. Drawing from his deep personal knowledge of Tibetan teachings, and with easy-to-follow exercises and inspiring case studies, Christopher shows us how we can stop living with our fears - and start living our life.

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'Christopher Hansard has written an eloquent yet practical guide to a soulful integration of all aspects of our lives'
Marianne Williamson