Online Courses

Based on Ancient Tibetan Dur Bön medical traditions and techniques - you won’t find them anywhere else. These online video and text courses will help you learn easy, practical methods for overcoming all kinds of obstacles and issues in your life. Each online course contains instructional videos, meditative exercises and invocations to help you on your way. They’re designed to bring about lasting, positive outcomes – in just 28 days, two weeks, or even less time than that. I can also provide an additional, in-depth coaching package with each of the courses. This includes regular one-to-one online sessions with me. Whichever course you choose, it’s yours to keep for as long as you wish.

  • 14-Day Online Course


    Attract, enhance, heal or end any type of relationship in 14 days

    Relationships underpin every aspect of our lives. They are the fundamental reason we're here. They influence the choices we make: leading us down dark and challenging paths or helping us reach new heights of love, happiness and satisfaction. Learn how to attract a potential partner. Enhance or strengthen what you already have. Or finish a relationship that isn't working and create a fresh start.

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  • 18-Day Online Course

    Difficult People

    Remove Difficult people from your life in less than 3 weeks

    It might be a person at work or college. Friends, family members, or someone you're having a romantic relationship with. Many of us encounter difficult people at some point in our lives. Whether they're draining your mental and emotional energy, or going out of their way to control and destroy you, I can help you learn methods for taking that individual (or group) harmlessly out of your life.

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  • 28-Day Online Course

    Removal of Obstacles

    Remove obstacles from your life in 28 days

    This is a powerful and effective course of meditational exercises which will enable you to remove stubborn obstacles from your life. Whatever is holding you back or preventing you from achieving what you hope for can be discarded, using the ancient healing power of Bön. Although based on an ancient philosophy, the technique is simple and is open to all.

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  • 28-Day Online Course


    How to attract the money you need in 28 days

    Rethink, revalue and reshape your financial world. In 28 days learn how to skillfully use thought energy to attract money for a healthier, wiser and more prosperous future. Discover how to create a more prosperous and secure future. Follow this 28-day course of exercises to allow money to flow freely into your life.

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