Advantages of Online Psychotherapy & Emotional Healing 

Online psychotherapy and emotional healing is a convenient and private opportunity to meet with me as your therapist. It is especially suited to the cognitive methods that I use. I provide for you psychological advice and support over the Internet. This takes place by using e-mail and video, when you have a web camera in your internet enabled device such as a computer or tablet or smart phone. I use an easy system to set up which is activated by me sending you an email invitation. The system I use is designed for doctors and psychotherapists to work online. You can save money on transport and travelling making online sessions  very convenient .You can access me by email outside of your sessions and you can get hold of me far more easily than if you were seeing a therapist face to face. 

I am a specialist in ACT, Mindfulness and other cognitive methods which are highly useful for online sessions. The basic assumption behind most models of cognitive therapy is that your thoughts influence your emotions, and as emotions become behaviours, unhelpful ways of thinking, behaving and living can get in the way of a good quality of life. You can heal unhelpful thoughts and unhelpful emotions. So you find new ways to have a better quality of life.

By using practical and easy to use methods, you spend less time focusing on your past. You can gain a direct insight over challenging experiences.  You can put the past in the past and discover the life that you have now.

Starting the process is easier than you may think. All you need to do is contact me by email on this website in Consult with Christopher to arrange the first consultation. You can share what you regard to be important issues and challenges and together, you and I can decide the best way to proceed. I have clients from all over the world, who seek to use my services for many reasons, they prefer having a therapist outside of their community or neighbourhood or even country, they seek me out for my expertise or they are attracted to the approaches I use, or from having read my best selling books.

Your Privacy

You are trusting me with some of your most personal information. Your trust is built, in part, on my respect of the confidentiality of your information. I am committed to safeguarding and protecting your personal information, including health information about you. You make your appointments with me directly, there are no secretaries or others in between, so your privacy about sessions is always assured. Online sessions with me can be done anywhere. My past and existing clients report that they experience a high degree of privacy which helps them feel safe, secure and listened to. All communication is secure, immediate and supports you having your session and that the experience is of high quality bringing you value, good service and attention to your needs . My aim is for you to be at a better place at the end of each session compared to when you started.

What to Expect?

Having online sessions provides special advantages. All of my past and present clients have told me that they find it easier to discuss personal and important issues without another person physically present in the room or space that they are in, and feel more at ease more quickly  this way. All of my clients have told me that they find the online session encourages them to express themselves more clearly and apply more effort into understanding their own situation and how it can improve.

Clients also report a greater sense of wellbeing and relaxation. This is one of the important aspects of having an online session, clients feel more anonymous on one level and so feel that they can be more honest and open. Clients have told me that they feel they can discuss important issues more easily online than when dealing face to face with a therapist. Clients tell me things that they have never told previous therapists or anyone else due to the sense of safety, privacy and immediate communication that is possible due to having an online session. The therapeutic relationship that develops between me and my clients is a strong, dynamic experience. I have had clients who have never used a computer or any technology before and found it easy to set up and have their sessions.

Taking the First Step

You can contact me for a convenient appointment in the Consult with Christopher section of my website. Because I am a full-time online therapist I can respond to your e-mail or chat request immediately. Once I receive your initial email I will email you back and together we discuss the best method for your first session. At anytime, you can decide if further sessions are for you.