• 'Your sessions online really made a difference-I am now able to live with the past free of shame and the desire for revenge.' S.S Los Angeles

  • 'Christopher Hansard  literally saved my life, and my husband's and my childrens'. His strategic and timely insight along with his consummate skill  helped me to emerge out of a nightmare situation ready to take on the world. ' T.V. O., France

  • My life was made hell by defamation on the internet, I lost my self-confidence and found it hard to function. I was being stalked in daily and stalked and defamed online and it really got to me. When things got too much a friend referred me to Christopher Hansard. I was able to work through things. His help was practical and inspirational. ' K.K., London

  • 'My online sessions with Christopher Hansard gave me the strength to get through some very challenging situations and find ways to change my life for the better. He respected my need for privacy and referred me on to get further help once I was ready.' K.D. New York

  • 'Christopher Hansard's online sessions helped me gain the courage and insight to make the biggest and scariest decision of my life. He guided me to know the different between decision making and the influence of external events' AJ, London

  • 'I was at my wit's end and which after three  online sessions l transformed my life. Whenever I need him I call him and everyone who I have referred feels the same way. His insight is extraordinary.' A.B, London

  • 'Thanks to our sessions with Christopher Hansard we (my family) can now argue and joke like a normal family as opposed to living in fear.' TW , London

  • 'Christopher Hansard showed me how  to free myself from the years of anger and rage that almost ruined everything in my life.' O.H., Dublin

  • 'When I was first diagnosed with a serious degenerative illness Christopher Hansard.  helped me to make a psychological strategy and show me methods to deal with the pain, the immobility and the emotional effects.  Each I time I see him I feel more alive, my quality of life has improved greatly.' N.S., London & Toronto

  • 'My daughter's eating disorder was tearing the family apart. with Christopher's unique approach, the whole family is healthier and happier and my daughter now has a better relationship to the world.' D.Q, Cardiff

  • 'After a traumatic accident early on in my teenage years I was left fearful and nervous of things.. progressively more and more until I couldn't work. A friend recommended Christopher 2 years ago. I now work , happily , and have a normal life.' H.T, London

  • 'I was seriously addicted to cigarettes, I was chain smoking and couldn't stop. When I started seeing Christopher I found powerful tools that eventually helped me to stop smoking and claim my life back. I discovered a lot of the reasons why I smoked not just the addiction and that helped me to move on. My wife will now kiss me.' D.W.T, Edinburgh

  • ' My Father suffered from a long term illness with a lot of pain. The doctors told me that they thought he wouldn't survive. Through online sessions Christopher Hansard helped him manage his pain and improve his outlook on life. He passed on in better spirits.' G.A.U, Canterbury

  • 'I lost my adult daughter to serious illness. Christopher Hansard assisted her with her fear and anxiety about dying. He assisted me in in being able to cope with the loss, guilt and pain of losing my child.' B.N., London

  • 'I honestly thought life was meaningless I was referred to Christopher by another client of his, slowly, patiently he helped me to discover and engage myself in life and I don't have the words really to thank him enough. I discovered a lot and he showed me how I could do it for myself, to live and be happy on my own terms.' B.H., London

  • 'Christopher Hansard helped me to develop my abilities as a musician and performer far beyond what I had ever hoped was possible, by helping me learn about mindfulness my creativity has blossomed-and so has my work' D.W, London, New York

  • 'Since my first visit to Christopher Hansard  he has guided me with such care and understanding by using Mindfulness techniques that I have been able totally to transform my life and my acting career has really taken off' S.P, London

How I Work

My approach is that my clients have the solutions to their problems already contained within their life experience. As your practitioner I assist you in practical ways to find resolution to your problems. I see my clients as the experts on their lives. Regardless of how they feel about themselves or their current situation when I first meet them. Often situations and life events sometimes demand that each of us need external help. If we feel overwhelmed by experiences, they can cause us to forget what we know about ourselves. This is when people ask me for help, advice and guidance. I work across a wide range of issues with positive outcomes for my clients. How I work can be expressed in the points below;

I will start your initial session working with you to find the best therapeutic method to suit your needs.

As an effective therapist I will  ask for feedback  from you on how you are feeling about the online sessions, as you and your needs are at the centre of creating a constructive session .

 I listen to you, I  extend acceptance and non judgement . This enables you to feel listened to and enables you to reflect on how to improve the quality of your life.

I support you as my client to develop your own skills and insights for self-healing, to develop your own personal growth, to find short and long term solutions to challenges and for you to make the life you want based on realistic expectations and outcomes.

The Methods I Use:

You learn how to heal your self with me as your guide. I work to facilitate the most appropriate process for you to create healing, well-being, good health and a better quality of life. I use evidence based methods to help you. I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. highly effective evidence based methods. There are many advantages to Online therapy please click here on Advantages of Online Psychotherapy & Emotional Healing to know more. I also use Tibetan mindfulness, self-healing and meditative techniques to help my clients with their emotional and health needs.

I also use Behavioural and  Cognitive methods when dealing with complex cases of trauma or conflict.

My aim is that you can use the approaches that I offer to develop psychological, emotional, spiritual and material health and well-being. You can have short or long term sessions for any important matter or situation, whatever it may be. This is done by secure and confidential Online Video software which is easy to use and is specifically designed for online sessions.


To know more please go to ‘Consult with Christopher’ to send me an email or make an appointment.