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Relationships: Attract, Enhance, Heal or End

11 December 2020 – Author: Christopher Hansard

The Tibetan Dur Bön Perspective 

Relationships can be a mystery, full of uncertainty, complications and misconceptions.

Do you struggle to communicate in the right way or  worry about what impression you'll make?

Are you unsure of how you can create successful and meaningful  relationships at work or at home?

Do you struggle with  misconceptions or prejudices about you that other people have?  

Do you feel trapped by existing relationships or that you are not moving forward?

Do you want to attract a relationship into your life whether for love, business or a creative project?

Do you want to heal your current relationship or end it skilfully with a positive outcome?

Do you have a relationship that is failing no matter what you do?

All successful relationships start with how you relate to yourself. 

For most people, this can  be difficult. But it is a skill that can be developed and in learning this skill, you develop yourself. You grow as a person and your life becomes simpler and more successful. 

You can then ask yourself this question, 'how do I relate to other people?’

You can discover how and why you relate to certain people in certain ways. When you first meet a person you will naturally sum them up through your own expectations. If you hope to connect with someone who can help you advance in your career, your expectations will naturally colour your hopes.

It’s easy to get this confused about who and what is meaningful. People play different roles in your life. And this enables you to understand your role in other people's lives.

Attract, Enhance, Heal or End a Relationship of Any Type

Regardless of the goal you have, the best way to create positive change about your relationships is by structuring and applying the enormous creative power of your mind. This can be done through using your thoughts in a focused way to bring you a successful outcome.

I have summed up the wisdom of the Tibetan Dur Bön teachings about attracting, enhancing, healing or ending a relationship of any type, in a 14 day course, ‘Relationships’. 

If you're looking for love, success, healing or resolution, this course can show you how you can make this happen using the power of your thoughts.

It's available as as an ebook, an in-depth video and text online course or as an intensive 1 to 1 coaching programme over a secure video link, with me as your guide to help you successfully attract, enhance heal or end a relationship of any type. 

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Christopher Hansard

Christopher Hansard is a best selling author, online psychotherapist and the leading western practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Christopher has been a key note speaker at conferences and has led seminars and workshops around the world. He has twice spoken at the Oxford Union about Social Change and Mental Health. He runs a busy International online practice offering Online Psychotherapy and Tibetan Medicine.

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