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Money-How to Attract the Money You Need

18 December 2020 – Author: Christopher Hansard

The Tibetan Dur Bön Perspective

If you have tried affirmations and books on attracting the money you need and are still struggling to make ends meet, don’t skip this article.

This article is not about attracting millions; it is just for the money you need to feed, clothe and house yourself and your family. To find money for your business, education, health needs or even to save for your old age or a rainy day.

Stop for a moment, consider this; if you shift the focus of your emotional and mental energy, you are able to change your financial situation.

Attracting money starts with changing your perspective, worries and beliefs about money.

Did you know that money reacts to your emotions and beliefs about it?

Every unit of currency, every financial transaction of any kind, anything to do with money: is loaded with other people's emotions, expectations, hopes, anger and challenges. Yet regardless of this, you can activate within you a thinking process that will attract the money you need, so that you can share with others wisely, your good financial status.

As you learn how to increase and manage your improved financial situation, you will discover that having money makes money.

Tibetan Dur Bön Methods adapted to Our Modern Mindset and Lifestyle

I have compiled the wisdom of the Tibetan Dur Bön teachings on Attracting Money, into a 28 day course; Money - How to Attract the Money You Need.

You need 28 days to learn how to skillfully direct thought energy to remove obstacles that prevent you from attracting the money you need. This, 28 days, is the timeframe you need to initiate a mental shift with regard to applying your thought energy for attracting and managing money. The course includes powerful guided daily exercises.

It is available as an ebook, an in-depth online video and text course or as an intensive 1 to 1 coaching course with me, where you can learn to attract the money you need and keep it.

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Christopher Hansard is a best selling author, online psychotherapist and the leading western practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Christopher has been a key note speaker at conferences and has led seminars and workshops around the world. He has twice spoken at the Oxford Union about Social Change and Mental Health. He runs a busy International online practice offering Online Psychotherapy and Tibetan Medicine.

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