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How to Remove Difficult People from Your Life Forever

4 December 2020 – Author: Christopher Hansard

The Tibetan Dur Bön perspective

If you are harassed, intimidated, and pushed around by a difficult person or people at home, school or work you can change that right now.

According to the Tibetan Dur Bön teachings, every human being has the capacity to remove the influence of a difficult person. You can  remove the person's emotional, energetic, psychological and physical presence from your mind, body and daily life. 

You can stop persecution, fear and powerlessness. 

In order to remove a difficult person from your life, you must first understand how they make you feel, behave and live. 

Are you living in fear of the person? 

Do you feel trapped in the situation, believing there is no way out? 

No matter who the difficult person is - a spouse, a family member, a co-worker, a classmate, a teacher, a boss - you can change this by using your own inner resources. 

The process is simple, but powerful. There is a method of becoming connected to your internal resources, even if you feel completely isolated, without help or protection. 

You can remove difficult people from your life without causing harm to them

As you connect to the ability within you to remove this difficult person or people from your life, you will experience an increasing sense of personal power and strength. As this increases, other people can appear in your life to help you change the situation to your advantage. 

As your personal power and mental clarity increases, the influence of the difficult person is removed and fades away. Circumstances will change to your advantage.

I’ve presented the wisdom of the Tibetan Dur Bön teachings for removing a difficult person  in a 18 day course, Difficult People.

It is available as an ebook,  and an in-depth video and text online course, or as an intensive 1-1 coaching course with me to help you successfully remove the difficult person from your life forever.

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Christopher Hansard

Christopher Hansard is a best selling author, online psychotherapist and the leading western practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Christopher has been a key note speaker at conferences and has led seminars and workshops around the world. He has twice spoken at the Oxford Union about Social Change and Mental Health. He runs a busy International online practice offering Online Psychotherapy and Tibetan Medicine.

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