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Dealing with Uncertainty

19 March 2021 – Author: Christopher Hansard

Uncertainty can seem to be everywhere in the world, and even more so if you feel overwhelmed by  uncertainty within you. You may feel  that your current situation is uncertain, and it may be, but if you are feeling uncertainty within yourself, you may miss a valuable lesson.  What’s the  lesson?

That no matter how uncertain you may feel right now, it’s up to you change how you relate to uncertain events or situations around you. By doing this, inner uncertainty changes in its intensity and influence upon you. So in order to bring calm to inner uncertainty focus first on changing the way you react to uncertainty in the world around you.

Uncertainty is often used to describe events in the world beyond people’s control. And while you may not be able to control what another person does, you can learn how to understand the patterns of uncertainty in your life. By doing this, then these uncertain patterns start to form themselves into a natural order. Did you know that the energy of uncertainty is seeking to find order and harmony?

So consider the uncertainty within you and around you, all of it, seemingly chaotic and without structure is actually trying to organise itself into order, balance and outcomes.

You can learn how to turn uncertainty to your advantage by observing the uncertainty in the world around you, look at how it plays out and the outcomes that uncertainty creates . Also look at the power people give to uncertainty without seemingly understanding what it is.

Although you may be beset with uncertainty of many types or just one large wave, you can have the answers to changing it by the way you observe the patterns that it creates in you, other people and in your daily life. The downside of uncertainty is that it is happy to let you be thrown around by it, but if you start to observe it, and then take control, it offers you great opportunities for inner knowledge and worldly success.

So, observe uncertainty but don’t get caught up in it and you will start to have access to a powerful force of nature that can show you what really is important   in your life and what really matters.

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Christopher Hansard

Christopher Hansard is a best selling author, online psychotherapist and the leading western practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Christopher has been a key note speaker at conferences and has led seminars and workshops around the world. He has twice spoken at the Oxford Union about Social Change and Mental Health. He runs a busy International online practice offering Online Psychotherapy and Tibetan Medicine.

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