Workshops for 2018

Rome Workshop in June 2018

The Art of Fighting Back 
Get Even without Causing Harm

June 15th Friday Evening

June 16th-17th Saturday & Sunday

Personal Consultations
Monday June 18th 10am-6pm

Castello Farnese,Isola Farnese, Via Baronale 16, 00123, Rome

Purpose of this workshop: Any harm you have experienced can be returned.

Learn how to stop the cycle of being abused  by returning the harm and stopping harm for good that has damaged  your life. 

You will learn how to manage  anger, revenge or helplessness. You will learn how to heal and understand these feelings of being a victim and  to strike a psychological and emotional balance. All this without causing further harm and ultimately taking charge of your life and your circumstances.

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Past Workshops

Oslo, Norway, Friday 26th-Sunday 28th of May 2017
Consultations Monday 29th of May 2017

Oslo, 2-4th of March 2018

consultations March 5th

workshop and consultations  fully booked

please check in for upcoming workshops later this year

Quotes about Workshops with Christopher Hansard

'The workshops facilitated by the remarkable Christopher Hansard are for anyone who wants to get to the root of the issues that block their lives...quickly.His methods are compassionate, sometimes wickedly funny, but always designed to WAKE people UP. The most powerful blueprint for self-guided personal change I have ever encountered in 15 years of intense searching. I am grateful for having met this man.' H.L.K

'I had never considered going to a workshop of any description until a friend persuaded me to attend a workshop with Christopher. It was one of the most profound experiences in my life. Christopher was able to help me change so many aspects of my life. Some of this change was immediate and some changes became apparent months later. Take the chance, go, be ready to work, but enjoy the benefits for years to come.' D.S