Hello. Welcome to my website.

I am a Psychotherapist.

I am a Coach.

I am a Physician of Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine, trained since childhood.

I offer psychotherapy for a wide range of challenging issues that you may have,including physical and psychological trauma and heath related psychological conditions.

I offer effective and immedaite coaching in the areas of fighting back against any kind of harassment whether it be on the internet or in your daily life; on  improving your quality of life, increasing your earning power or finding a new direction in how you think and so create better outcomes . I offer coaching sessions on how changing the way you think increases your opportunities for happiness, wellbeing and success . By learning how to use your thoughts in a new way you can create a new life. I also offer  coaching on Tibetan mindfulness training to improve your inner mental state creating  calmness, creativity,increaed mental focus  and a reduction in stress.

I  provide Tibetan medical advice  for any  health  concerns you may have.

I am a best selling author on these subjects.

I have thirty years experience in helping hundreds of people from all over the world.

I work online, using a system designed for consultations that enables your security, privacy and confidentiality.

Read through my website.

Call or text me today  on the following numbers: if I am busy leave a message. I will call you back.

UK only: 0207 183 8671 

Europe, North & South America and the Rest of the World  +4915 7359 83355 .

You can  email  me by going to 'Consult with Christopher.'


  • 'This man certainly practises what he preaches. If recent events illustrate the creeping sickness pervading our world, perhaps he is among the few who not only have a rare insight into reversing the decline but possess a profound conviction that the prognosis is good. ' Jenni Ameghino, The Birmingham Post

  • 'Christopher is one of life's true teachers. Christopher is a true genius who can lead us to a new enlightenment as well as a state of vibrant health.' Normandie Keith, You Magazine, Mail on Sunday

  • 'In Christopher Hansard the Dalai Lama meets Dr.Phil. He gives a modern-day spin to Tibet's ancient traditions of living and healing, retaining their purity yet making them accessible. We astrologers know that things aren't going to get easier; Christopher's wise techniques offer wisdom, help, and guidance for dealing with an increasingly challenging world.' Shelley von Strunckel

  • 'Hansard's authority and clarity provide an excellent introduction to Tibetan Bon medicine.' Library Journal

  • 'Christopher Hansard has made a fascinating and exciting contribution to our knowledge of things Tibetan by sharing his lifetime of training and practice in the Tibetan healing arts-a body of wisdom far older than Buddhism, but fully in harmony with its teachings. This knowledge is as valuable in today's stress-laden world as when it was developed ages ago. Lewis Richmond, author of Work as a Spiritual Practice

  • 'Christopher Hansard contributes a wise and powerful voice to contemporary spiritual thought.' Marianne Williamson, Multiple Best Selling Author

  • 'His fans talk of the "profound level of treatment" he offers and his encouragement to patients to look after and heal themselves.' Vogue

  • 'Hansard has an extraordinary healing gift' Kathy Phillips, The Evening Standard

  • 'Christopher unblocked the pain of the rape which I'd buried along with a lifetime of lesser unresolved hurts. I began to see that my life had somehow got out of balance, that I was frightened of my own emotions, that something inside had become disconnected and this was my chance to do something about it-to gain rather than lose from a terrible act of violation.' Fliss Coombs, The Daily Telegraph

  • 'Now, don't all rush. Hansard's gentle, holistic approach might just be the ticket.' Rose Shepherd, The Sunday Times Magazine

  • 'His dedication to the healing arts is palpable.' Lee Randall, Scotland on Sunday

  • 'I was looking to build a more balanced life. I wanted something professional with a spiritual edge.' Douglas Brown, The Financial Times