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Discover 300 helpful meditations  and 5 courses designed to help you manage your health and emotional well-being. If you want to make changes in your life that last, you have to be committed to the process. The meditations in this library are not quick fixes, they can bring immediate benefit.

There are four categories, each designed to act as a resource to develop a better relationship with yourself or successfully overcome major life challenges. Each meditation is offered with a checklist to faciilitate your practice and self-refelction.

75 Tibetan Dur Bön Meditations for Mind Training

This category is based upon 75 basic aspects on mind training, that the Tibetan Dur Bön medical system regards as being crucial in establishing a structured and disciplined mind.

Each one of the meditations are designed to enable you to increase and accentuate your mental abilities through the training of particular faculties that your mind has the potential to use. They train your brain and the emotional reactions you can perceive in your body. They also help you to develop your mind - a system of powerful integrated energy, that can be used to create intelligence, contentment and simplicity.

These meditations bring you insight about how your mind functions and your own human experience, enabling you to live the best life you possibly can, on your own terms.

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75 Tibetan Dur Bön Meditations for Emotional Challenges

This category of meditations teaches you the skill of healing and balancing emotional turbulence and emotional obstructions. Each meditation is designed to change emotional patterns that stop you from having a fulfilled life.

This category of meditations enables you to heal and understand emotional and spiritual pain. These meditations also enable you to generate the self-healing power of your mind, which in turn can heal unhelpful experiences, as outlined in this category.

Each meditation is a tool to improve the quality of your life, which enables you have better relationship with yourself. This means that your everyday world also becomes a better place to be.

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75 Tibetan Dur Bön Meditations for Life's Obstacles

This category of meditations enables you to develop the skills to deal with whatever challenge you may encounter in your life.

In this category there are 75 of the most common obstacles that people experience and the meditations come from the Tibetan Dur Bön Medical Tradition. Human experience is pretty much the same now as it was in ancient times and these meditations offer you powerful tools that can safely and successfully generate power within you, to overcome whatever challenges you may experience in your daily life.

Each meditation increases your mental focus and generates mental power that enables you to take ownership of any situation, so that you are not pushed around by circumstances or fearfulness.

Each meditation is designed to deal with common challenges that most people will come across in their lives and generates within you courage, the ability to solve problems and at the same time establishing a calm mind in a calm body and a calm life.

Each meditation also generates wisdom that can be applied to your inner life as well as to your daily life.

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75 Tibetan Dur Bön Meditations for Physical Illnesses

This category of meditations is designed to help you activate and enable your mind and body's innate ability to heal. Each meditation is designed to help you develop an understanding of the physical condition you are experiencing.

Each mediation is designed to create wellbeing and acceptance of your physical condition, so that you can manage the more serious conditions successfully and for the less serious ones, develop enhanced relationship between your mind, body and whatever ails you.

These meditations develop within you an ability to understand the relationship between your mind and body and what it needs for good health. Each meditation will show you a wider dimension of the physical illness you are experiencing, so that by understanding the emotional and physical influences of the illness, you will in time be able to move beyond the condition defining your needs and experiences.

This category awakens inside of you the skills to gain insights about what your physical illness can teach you and how you can apply these lessons to improve the quality of your life.

It is crucial to follow each meditation as instructed in order to get the best results. Think of each meditation as a form of "medicine" designed to help you improve your physical health.

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6 Tastes for Health, Sleep and Energy

The advice contained in this short course is designed to help you create a specific outcome: better wellbeing and a better quality of life. The concepts in the lessons that follow originate from the Tibetan Dur Bön medical tradition and are based on traditional techniques. The 6 tastes from the Tibetan Medical Tradition have influenced Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Islamic medicine.

As you read through the lessons, you will find helpful advice how to improve your physical health and physical and emotional wellbeing. The advice contained in the course is easy to follow and apply.

If you have an existing medical condition or psychological issue and are receiving professional help, the concepts in this course can’t replace the help you are receiving but can be used as part of a larger treatment plan after discussion with your health professional.

5 Quick Meditations for Sleeping Well

These traditional Tibetan meditations are designed to help you sleep well when you are under stress or short of time. Each of them can be applied anywhere and anytime and can be used as short term aids establishing sleep. They bring immediate results and enable you to sleep well anywhere, anytime. If you are suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related conditions these will be only of limited value, but they can act as healthy and safe quick fixes in situations where work or other circumstances deny you the opportunity for long term sleep or rest. If you are looking for a long term solution to your sleeping issues, I suggest you consider the 5 Days Mini Course For Better Sleep.

Better Sleep, Better Life

5 Day Mini Course To Help You Sleep Better

This 5 day mini course uses traditional Tibetan medical techniques to enable your body and mind to learn new patterns of sleep. You'll learn how to heal the long term patterns of fatigue that get in the way of sleeping well. The methods in the mini course will also help you establish long term patterns of sleep that will improve your physical and mental health.

This course is designed to help you create a solution to long term sleeping issues. By following the instructions, the course can help you establish healthy and lasting sleep patterns.

If you are looking for quick fixes for your sleeping issues, I suggest you use the 5 quick meditations for better sleep.

5 Quick Meditations to Restore Your Energy

This course enables you to learn 5 meditations that can restore your energy anytime, anywhere. Taken from the Tibetan Dur Bön medical tradition, each of these brief, but effective meditations will help you restore your physical, emotional and psychological energy. They can be used in times of stress or intense work, as well as when you don't have the time to rest. They are designed for short-term use, but each can have a lasting benefit.

Each meditation generates, physical, emotional and psychological power to help you achieve a goal or an outcome. They enhance mental clarity, decision making and your stamina.

If you are looking to improve and establish long term energy, then I suggest consider the 5 day mini course for restoring your energy.

Restore Your Energy

5 Day Mini Course to Restore Your Energy

This 5 day mini course can be used to establish long lasting energy. It can be helpful if you are recovering from a physical illness or an emotional psychological shock. The 5 day mini course enables you to connect your body and mind together in such a way that your quality of life improves and stays well.

The 5 day mini course establishes new patterns of health physically, which in turn generates energy. The 5 day mini course also establishes better mental wellbeing that improves your thinking process and how you see your life and the world around you. It also creates enhanced mental energy.

This course enables you to become more integrated, happier and content.

All the meditations enable you to unlock the power of your mind and body to bring balance and wellbeing to your life.

Meditations ranging from academic success, attracting money or love, conceiving a child, find a job or somewhere to live, through to mediations for a wide range of emotional challenges, such as anger, anxiety, and many more issues relevant to modern living.

If you want to train your mind to develop your mental abilities and create calm, decrease stress and have a better quality of life; there are effective and practical mediations that will help you create clear thinking, creativity, peace, order, self reliance and will power. Explore the many subjects to find the right mediation for you.

You might be dealing with a physical illness, you can find it listed, specially created for helping you remedy your physical illness. The meditations range from Acne to Sciatica, Asthma to Tinnitus, Fibromyalgia to Vertigo and many more-from simple conditions to serious health challenges.